Magnetic Alphabet Letter Matching Game

Mr2.5 has started noticing letters and he is very interested in pointing them out and asking what they’re called.  He can even name quite a few letters on his own now!  I wanted to encourage his newfound love of reading letters, so I made a magnetic alphabet matching game for him.  He really enjoyed it, and I will be  making him games with different letters as the week progresses.  This activity was quick and easy to set up, and can be made easier or harder by the number of letters you draw.

Magnetic Letter Matching Game Supplies

  • magnetic alphabet set
  • construction paper 
  • pen
  • sharpie
  • crayons
  • fridge
  • scotch tape
Magnetic Alphabet Letter Matching Game Supplies
Magnetic Alphabet Letter Matching Game Supplies

Alphabet Matching Game Set Up

Previously,  I traced my toddler’s play food onto a piece of construction paper to make him a puzzle where he lined the fruit up with the outlines.  He enjoyed it, so I figured I’d do the same thing with his magnetic  letters.  Simply tracing the letters in pen made the game too hard for him, and he quickly discarded the activity.  

When Mr2.5 was one I bought him a shape puzzle that had coloured shape pieces but the background was brown.  He didn’t like the puzzle at all.  So I coloured the puzzle background in with crayons to match the wooden shapes.  The puzzle then became a favourite of his.  So I thought the brown background might be the problem with my letter matching game too.  I coloured the letters on the brown construction paper with coloured crayons to match the colours on the magnets.  Then I outlined the letters in black sharpie to make it look cleaner.  

I was worried that Mr2.5 would throw all of the letters on the floor if he got frustrated again, so I decided to hang the game on the fridge.  I used four pieces of tape and taped the each corner of the letter drawing  to the fridge.  Next to the drawing I placed all of the associated letter magnets.  

Magnetic Alphabet Letter Matching Game
Magnetic Alphabet Letter Matching Game

Success!  As soon as my toddler went to the fridge to grab his morning yogurt he excitedly told me “Look Mom an o!”  I showed him how to match the magnets with the drawn letters, and he quickly completed the matching game.  All the while he informed me what letter he was matching or he asked me which one it was.

In my drawing I selected several letters that my tot already knew, plus two challenge letters for him to learn (x,y).  As he gets better at his letters I plan to put more letters on the page.  To make it extra tricky you could also set more magnets on the fridge than are drawn on the picture.  

What other ways have you used your magnetic alphabet letters with your kids?   

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  1. This is a great idea! O is at the same stage right now, no surprise. 🙂 I like the addition of new letters to encourage learning! You could make pages with letters spelling simple words too as an increased challenge/ learning opportunity.
    I need to go buy anot her pacage of letters… a lot of ours have disappeared, haha!

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