6 Backyard Activities for Baby to Play with Toddler

The sky is blue and the sun is shinning, so our family is spending lots of time in the backyard.  My 9 month old baby has graduated from sitting on blankets in the grass to a little wiggle worm who wants to play with her 2.5 year old brother.  Originally, I envisioned baby would just join in on toddler’s games.  Much to my surprise my toddler wasn’t thrilled with this.  He did not like baby using his toys as tethers, licking them, banging them, or throwing them.  He also didn’t like if she got a toy cooler than his to play with.  So to keep the kids playing happily together I needed to come up with the baby version of my toddler’s backyard activities.  Her outdoor games consist of batting at baby toys, splashing around in a bowl of water, watching bubbles, stacking cups in the kiddie pool, rolling balls, and a walker / ride on.

1. Batting at Baby Toys in Backyard

My toddler enjoys using his tee ball set and it’s a bit scary when he starts swinging the bat around baby.  So baby gets to play her own batting game at the deck rail when my tot wants to play tee ball.  I tied yarn around the deck rail and looped baby links and toys off of the yarn.   I help support baby while she stands and bats at the toys.  They’re also a good height for her to play with while she’s sitting.   

Baby Toys on Deck Rail
Baby Toys on Deck Rail

2. Stacking Cups in Kiddie Pool in Backyard

Stacking Cups are probably my favourite toy so far.  Baby started playing with them when she was 5 months old and my 2.5 year old still plays with them.  They’re perfect for playing with outside.  Baby mostly moves them back and forth between her hands, and pretends to drink out of them.  My toddler will make a tower which baby and him then enjoy knocking down together.  Our stacking cups have holes in them and baby really enjoys playing with them in the kiddie pool.  Sometimes I need to encourage my toddler to do some tower building instead of dumping water on baby.  

3. Balls in Bowl of Water in Backyard

My toddler really enjoys “cooking” water in the backyard using a bowl full of water and his pots and pans.  Baby kept stealing his pans and chewing on them, which was making my toddler upset as she wasn’t using the pans properly.  Eventually they can cook together, but for now I give my baby a bowl of water full of balls to play with so both kids are happy.  She splashes around and grabs the balls.  Sometimes she drops them and they roll around on the deck for her to chase.  This activity is super simple, but my baby was smiling the entire time she played in the bowl  

Bowl of Water with Balls for Baby
Bowl of Water with Balls for Baby

4. Bubbles

When my toddler turned two he got a bubble machine as a birthday gift.  We saved it for the warm weather and I’m glad we did as turns out baby loves the bubble machine too!  She’s really fascinated by the constant stream of bubbles and will wave her arms trying to catch them.  She’s also very amused by her big brother who runs around stomping on the bubbles.  When my toddler wants to play with the baby sometimes I suggest he blows bubbles for her using the wand.  

5. Rolling Ball in Backyard

It always makes my baby smile when you roll a soccer ball with her.  My toddler or I sit with my legs extended in a V so that our toes touch baby’s toes.  We roll the ball back and forth and our legs act like bowling bumper pads so baby’s attempts at passing appear to go right to me.  She’s only 9 months but it really looks like she’s actually trying to push the ball already!  And baby gets super excited when the ball is rolled to her and she bangs on the soccer ball with excited squeals. 

6. Walker / Ride in Backyard

My toddler loves running around the yard with his bubble lawnmower, and baby keeps grabbing at it.  So I moved her walker / ride on outside.  She stands on a blanket hanging onto her walker and laughs at her brother as he cuts the grass.  

baby walker
baby walker

What games does your baby like to play with your toddler outside?

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